Answering “No” to any of these questions may mean the home is not as age friendly as it could be.

  1. Yes      No      Is there one entrance to the home that does not require steps?
  2. Yes      No      Is there bathroom access on the main floor?
  3. Yes      No      Does the bathroom have stable and secure grab bars?
  4. Yes      No      Is the bathtub too high or lacking a walk-in feature?
  5. Yes      No      Does the bath or shower have a no-skid mat or strips?
  6. Yes      No      Does the bathroom have reachable storage space?
  7. Yes      No      Is there a first floor bedroom?
  8. Yes      No      Are the chairs, beds, and toilets an appropriate height to get on and off of?
  9. Yes      No      Are there railings on all stairways?
  10. Yes      No      Are the steps too steep, cracked, or uneven?
  11. Yes      No      Are the home’s hallways and room entrances wide enough to fit a wheelchair comfortably?
  12. Yes      No      Is the home well-lit, easy to navigate and free of fall risks, such as open extension cords and loose rugs?
  13. Yes      No     Are the electrical systems—fans, space heaters, and central heating and cooling—functioning properly and safely?
  14. Yes      No     Are there working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in place?
  15. Yes      No     Does the kitchen have reachable storage space for dishes and food?

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